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Inuit Employed
Our commitment to our Inuit communities

Helping businesses thrive by providing Inuit workforce and operations services

Helping businesses thrive by providing Inuit workforce and operations services

Our goal is to sustain employee commitment and retention on your worksite so you can successfully deliver your project and meet or exceed contractual obligations for local employment.

As a remote Arctic business in Nunavut, we have the experience, strategic partnerships and land based knowledge to provide enhanced value, increased opportunities and improved service to your Operations.

We are the largest Inuit-owned supplier of labour and operations services in Nunavut’s Qikiqtani Region. At Qikiqtani Industry we place significant value on:

We help your business thrive, we help our communities thrive

How we provide value to our customers

At Qiqiktani Industry we support project developers, contractors and companies by recruiting, training and employing local, Inuit workers.

We know the North, and provide unparalleled remote operations service, from Workforce Accommodations, to catering, camp management, security, operations support and more.


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Our commitment to our Clients & Partners

Leading service provider for Turn-Key remote accommodations solutions.


From mobile workforce accommodations, to catering, food services, janitorial, security and maintenance, including front desk and accommodation management, we take care of every aspect of your exceptional guest experience. Our Turn-key solutions range from planning, design, construction to installation and service operations.  We take care of it all.

Camp Supply and Install

We handle everything from infrastructure to project management, site and equipment maintenance, including fuel supply, water & wastewater treatment, operations and maintenance. We build and install customized workforce solutions wherever you need them. We ensure assets, equipment and resources arrive safely.

& Staffing

We support trainees and local workers from project start to finish. We take care of your local workforce to ensure they are healthy, happy and growing their capacity. We work with individuals to realize their training and career goals. We plan and coordinate job fairs to recruit workers. We plan, coordinate and deliver specialized training to develop a competent and skilled crew for your project. 

Inuit Capacity Building

QIL is focused on building capacity within Nunavut to train and meet the demand of the construction industry while supporting and training local Inuit beneficiaries. Through partnerships we provide Inuit with certified and transferable skills and qualifications to enable them to take advantage of employment opportunities across the Territory.

We help your business thrive, we help our communities thrive

Building Inuit Capacity While Improving Business Operations in the North

We are the trusted leader in workforce accomodations and operations service in the Qikiqtani region. With backing from the QC group of companies we can scale with your business operations and ensure your business remains northern. Keeping costs down and productivity up.



Different Services

We are Northern and understand the complexities of operating in remote locations with harsh northern climates. We have tailored our services to ensure your operations are a success.


Inuit Employees

We are committed to supporting local and building Inuit capacity and career opportunity in Nunavut. We can ensure diversity and inclusion within your workforce with a commitment to Inuit staffing.

Your business solution for essential northern operations

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We help your business thrive, we help our communities thrive

Your partner for business operations in the North

Tell us about your projects and how we can collaborate to help your organization achieve its business goals. No project is too big or to small. Founded in the North, QIL has access to strategic partnerships and resource pools to help you achieve your project goals on time, and on budget.

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