First of all, Download Jumpshare App.

Open and sign up for free.

Verify your email then Download Jumpshare desktop app.

Here’s How to use the app.

To take a screenshot, Click Jumpshare icon …  , select the ‘Capture Screenshot’ ( the one with camera icon ).

Click and drag your mouse to cover an area, then release your mouse click to take a screenshot.

You can direcly upload the screenshot  by clicking ‘Upload’ button.

Or if you want to add annotate it, you can do it with arrows, text and markings.

Once you’re done with the annotations, click Upload.

The link is automatically saved to the clipboard.

To paste the link, simply right click and paste.




With Jumpshare you can also take a screen recording.

Click Jumpshare icon.. select ’record screen’ icon.

You can adjust the screen size and drag the position to your liking.

If you want to record your voice make sure you’ve selected the Mic.

Click ‘Record’ Button to start the screen recording.

You can also draw annotation during the recording.

Click ‘Finish’ button, when you’re finished.

Note that screen recording for free account is limited to 30 seconds.

To paste the link, simply right click and paste